Sheffield Tourism

Photography // Virtual Tour // University Project


You can view this full project through the links below, they'll open in new windows, so you can always get back here! Don't forget to try out the gyroscope function if you're using an iPhone 4+ or iPad2+, the tour will move as you do!

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Project Details

The purpose of this project was to bring attention to the amount of change and improvements Sheffield as a city has gone through in the last 10 years.

Through research, I found a vast majority who had never visited; or hadn't visited recently, had the impression that the city was 'scruffy', 'downtrodden' and 'a mess'.

However these terms are not what I would use to describe the city I currently call home. Over the last decade, Sheffield City Council has invested millions into turning Sheffield into a living, breathing work of art. The city centre is clean, dotted with sculptures and areas of peace and tranquil. I set out to create a virtual tour highlighting some of the city’s best areas for tourism in an attempt to update people’s views of Sheffield. By clicking the Launch full screen project button, you'll see what I managed to create (and earned a first class mark for).


These are some of the examples of features used in the making of this virtual tour.

Information Hostpots

Information Hotspots

Hotspots scattered around each scene providing a little more information about what you're really seeing.

Little Planet images

Little Planets

By looking at the floor in every scene, you'll find a hotspot which opens the little planet view of that location.

iOS Gyroscope

iOS Gyroscope Function

This panorama will rotate with your device as you physically move it