The Greyhound Inn

Photography // Virtual Tour // Web Implementation


You can view this full project through the links below, they'll open in new windows, so you can always get back here! Don't forget to try out the gyroscope function if you're using an iPhone 4+ or iPad2+, the tour will move as you do!

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Project Details

The Greyhound Inn is a Pandora's Box of a location; not much to see from the outside and blends easily with the town's historical apperance; however once you're inside, it's clear the space has much more to offer.

This tour was created with the intention to show The Greyhound at its best, and also give potential customers a quick view of what it's really like, and the facilities they offer.

The project is a tour totalling 7 locations at present; although there are hopes 3 more spots will be added in the near future. Gyroscope functionality for iOS deviceshas been implemeted, and works smoothly. UnfortunatelyDifferent devices will display different starting animations; this is due to HTML5 being unable to cope with Little Planet transitions; so for these you will need to view on a desktop browser.


These are some of the examples of features used in the making of this virtual tour.

Pop-out photos

Pop-out Photos

Implemeted within this tour are various photo hotspots, allowing you to view details a little closer

Video Implementation

Video Implementation

Small videos have been implemeted into the tour in the place of TV screens

iOS Gyroscope

iOS Gyroscope Function

This panorama will rotate with your device as you physically move it