The Circle, Sheffield

Photography // Virtual Tour


You can view this full project through the links below, they'll open in new windows, so you can always get back here! Don't forget to try out the gyroscope function if you're using an iPhone 4+ or iPad2+, the tour will move as you do!

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Project Details

The Circle is home to a wide range of great conference and meeting rooms available for events during the day, evenings and weekends. Owned by Voluntary Action Sheffield, The Circle is located in the heart of Sheffield city centre on Rockingham Lane with car parking discounts available.

This project is now complete and the client is happy with the result! Please check out their website if you ever find yourself needing office or conference space in Sheffield, and if you have any questions for us then feel free to send us a message

Desired Outcomes

This client was desperately in need of a unique way to showcase their building and spaces to potential customers, as well as businesses. We worked together to discuss what they would like most in a virtual tour, and came to the agreement that the photography should be eye-catching, high quality, and there should be a way to display the larger conference rooms in multiple layouts.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

A comprehensive tour of all locations The Circle has to offer

File Implementation

XML Slider

A transition between 2 layouts of the same room is required for one of the larger areas.