911 Sport of Lincolnshire

Photography // Virtual Tour


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Project Details

"At 911 Sport we put more into your investment, more care, more knowledge and more understanding about the maintenance and engineering necessary to maximize your Porsche's performance, your safety and your enjoyment."

"The purpose built showroom and service centre represents a significant expansion for the company, and furthers its aim to provide products and services that match and exceed those found at Official Porsche Centres across the UK. Constant reinvestment is a philosophy of the company, only by keeping up to date with the latest Porsche factory equipment can we truly compete in the market. "A fundamental concern of our customers' is that with an expanding product range we understand the needs of the traditional Porsche enthusiast, along with the efficiency requirements of the business user."
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Desired Outcomes

This client had a few crieteria for us to meet. Specifically, there was to be focus on the human aspect of the dealership, and they wanted to include a few members of staff within the tour; as these are the same people you would meet on a visit to the dealership yourself. They also wanted some relaxing but unobtrusive music to be played through the background of the page (with controls to stop the playback if wished). A button was to be included in the workshop room, so as to hear an example of the engive sound of that particular vehicle.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

A comprehensive tour of the custom built showroom showcasing some of their top models, reception areas and professional workshops.

Interactive Little Planets

Customizable View Types

A selection of different viewing modes in the right-click context menu; including interactive little planets. Desktop only.