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Who's behind it?

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Jessica Thompson

Founder /Owner/Photographer/Editor/Everything

The brains behind 360 Digital Design only really belong to one person, and that is me, Jessica Thompson. Hello! Here are a few little snippets of information about myself:

- Graduated with a 1st Class Masters with Honours in Digital Media Production from Sheffield Hallam University in 2012
- Open Water Diver since 2013
- Google Trusted Photographer since 2014
- Passion for photography and now do this for my living
- Travelled Europe for 4 months in 2014, would like to continue in future
- Dream trip is to go and view the Aurora Borealis

360 Digital Design

I have a strong professional work ethic, and throw myself into a project completely until both myself and you, the client are satisfied with its outcome!
I have been creating virtual tours for clients and businesses since my last couple of years at university, and thoroughly enjoy showing a location at its absolute best! There are very few types of locations that couldn’t benefit from having the means to display their place of business to their potential client through the immersive experience of a virtual tour, and even for them, I would still give it a go!

As mentioned, I am an avid photographer – taking pictures is my passion, and my absolute favourite type of images to create are Little Planets. You actually might recognise some of the images you find on this website; they seem to be getting themselves around a bit these days. Perhaps if you’re in Sheffield, you can spot my work being used for The Crucible Theatres production of “Camelot: The Shining City”?

As of 2014, I am also now a Google Trusted Photographer, which means I am going through the process of being certified by Google to photograph businesses of the UK to appear on Google’s Business Views program. If you would like to know more about this program, and the products through which I am offering, feel free to get in touch through my contact page!

Virtual Tours & Photography

A virtual tour is a fantastic immersive experience for consumers, and including a virtual tour on your website is a great way to promote your business.
Invite your customers inside to browse the variety of items you might stock in your shop, the cakes you might bake fresh daily; the romantic restaurant they can enjoy a meal in, the cars you specialise in, or the hotel rooms you can offer to someone wanting a nice getaway. I especially love to be helpful for charitable causes, so if you do have any questions about work to benefit charity, please do get in touch!

The entire process starts with professional, finely tuned photography; something that is constantly being improved and adapted to get the best results possible. I use a high quality wide angle lens and a sturdy tripod with specific equipment to ensure zero errors in your imagery. The photos are then edited slightly to ensure your location looks at its best, then the images are stitched together using a stitching program to create a complete 360x180 degree panorama. After that, there is nothing for you to worry about but wait for the finished product to come to you!

As you may have noticed, I love creating these nifty Little Planets

They're actually a by-product of the panorama stitching process, but don't they look cool!